Luciano Borghetti is a Director of Business Development with 40 years’ experience.

He provides fire protection services for European and Middle East clients, including hazard analysis, special hazard system research and design, and code compliance and equivalency using mathematical and computer models for fire growth and smoke movement.

He is also instrumental in assisting with software development and testing, and its associated hardware development and technical support.

Mr. Borghetti executes research projects, conducts fire tests, and manages multiple projects.

He develops fire protection programs, code compliance summaries reports, due diligence reports, risk analysis, probabilistic risk analysis, smoke control criteria and safety/security engineering integration, and facilitates negotiations with various AHJs.


Europe and Middle East Business Development Director HUGHES ASSOCIATES Inc. Baltimore USA  / Hughes Associates Europe srl from 1999 to 2015.

Description of job responsibilities. Conducts experimental tests to evaluate the influence of the system hardware in a computer-based software for the prediction of two-phase transient flow of halon alternatives in pipe networks.

This effort includes mathematical modeling, generation of data from fully instrumented discharge tests, and analysis of discharge hardware.

Performs basic research on the mechanism of extinguishment of aerosol agent (condensed and dispersed). Assisted in the development of a commercial/industrial application software package for the design of clean agent (halon alternatives) extinguishing systems (halocarbon based alternatives and inert gases).

Provided significant support to hardware manufacturers to develop suitable system hardware for halon alternatives gaseous agents and technical support during CE listing and approval efforts.

Implements special R&D projects for forest fire identification and intervention planning for the Italian Civil Defense.

Develops special design for the protection of large volumes for underground and cavern installations. Participates in many full-scale fire tests conducted by JENSEN HUGHES. Acts as Project Manager for full-scale fire testing of halon replacement (for specific agent) for USCG (USA) vessel’s machinery spaces–Loss Prevention Council (UK) computer facilities protection and for several contracts to develop Fire Protection Technologies/Systems for major Italian and European fire companies.

Project Management/Supervisor for several contracts providing Life Safety Design and Vulnerability/Security investigations for European, Middle East as South America Civil Airports.

Develops risk analysis and probabilistic risk analysis for a number of chemical and petrochemical plants for European and Middle East including Aramco, Sabic.

Develops fire protection programs, code compliance summaries reports due diligence reports, smoke control criteria and safety/security engineering integration, negotiation with the AHJ (Airports Authorities, Fire Marshalls/Fires Brigades, Insurances, and Legal Responsible).